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Underoath, Saosin, The Devil Wears Prada, The Famine
House of Blues, Las Vegas, Nevada
November 18, 2008

I showed up at the House of Blues, one of the very few venues actually left here in Vegas. I have seen both Saosin and Underoath a few times, so I knew to expect almost every sixteen year old in town to be at the show. I was right.

First up was The Famine, a death metal band from Texas. I read this on their myspace, “The Famine is about the now and the future, not a long ago past.” To tell you the truth they were like any other typical metal band from the early 90’s, with their long hair and head banging. They were just outright awful, and judging by the reaction of the crowd I wasn’t the only one who thought so. I think there were maybe ten people at HOB that had even heard of them. If you’re not a fan of death metal this is not the band for you.

I had always thought of the Devil Wears Prada as more of a trend then a band. Kids wear the shirt but don’t listen to them, and why would you? They just kind of came out on stage and started screaming. I don’t think they even actually have lyrics to their songs, just a bunch of screaming. I hate to say it, but the best part of the Devil Wears Prada was the giant hole in the lead singer’s crotch. Anyways, I definitely wasn’t feeling DWP as much as everyone else was. There was some intense moshing going on, but to me they were just another no good band.

Saosin is a great band and have yet to put on a disappointing performance. Every time they perform “You’re Not Alone” it gives me chills. I’ve never seen a crowd of sixteen to twenty year old kids get together and sing something that amazing, as cheesy as it sounds. Of course they ended their set with “Seven Years.” It was a hit! I think the best thing about Saosin is their lyrics, they make you feel good. Great band, great performance.

Finally, was Underoath. I really never thought that so many people would get into a band with such high Christian values. To me it just seems that kids would hate on them or make fun, but that’s definitely not the case with Underoath. The place was packed when they came on, and it wasn’t just a bunch of kids, I saw plenty of older people getting into the music. But how could you not? With such a great set and choice of songs Underoath stole the show and grabbed everyone’s attention. They had a great light show and gave it all they had. Definitely worth staying out late on a school night.

-Kristen Waldeck
– Photos by Adam Amar


The Devil Wears Prada