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madmen.jpgMad Men: Music From the Series, Vol. 1
You know, that one show.

I have both praise and scorn for this TV show soundtrack:

Praise: What a great mix of jazz standards and original score.
Scorn: What the fuck, why’s it so short?!

Praise: The Aceyelone/RJD2 track is sweet as shit. What a great jam.
Scorn: What the hell are Aceyelone and RJD2 doing on the same record with Rosemary Clooney and Ella Fitzgerald? It’s like the MythBuster’s signing at Comic-Con, love you, but why are you here?

Praise: David Carbonara’s original score is essential in placing this show in a very specific time and place.
Scorn: Ummm, your name sounds like a tomato sauce. Knock it off.

I don’t really care to write any more about this. Buy it, download it, whatever.

-Jonathan “The Emperor” Yost