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James Haitchwai
Stolen and Borrowed

Sometimes, the only credit you can give to people is that they are trying. James, good try. Some things you should learn:

1) Singing
2) Not singing badly
3) How to make a sign spin like a helicopter. It really grabs the passer-by’s attention.

“Stolen and Borrowed” shouldn’t be, because it isn’t worth the trouble. Instead, steal a chicken sandwich, and borrow some ketchup, neither of which you ever have to worry about giving back. The CD contains a good split of tracks. Half are of James and his acoustic guitar, and the rest he is playing an electric with some drums backing him. Track 2, smartly titled “Track 2”, started off with some blues riff and I thought there was going to be something promising to follow. Alas, like the donkey in the fog, my enjoyment quickly faded away. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that people can listen to their own music and think its good, so if this album is a joke, good one.

-By Sean Pullin