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Dear And The Headlights
Small Steps, Heavy Hooves
Equal Vision Records

Son of a bitch. I actually really dig a band on Equal Vision records. I have heard of these guys before, and really didn’t care to hear them, but they opened for The Color Fred and Straylight Run, and you know what? They blew them both out of the fucking water. Granted, they don’t have the uber-hot chick that Straylight has, but I’ve never seen someone actually rock the acoustic/electric mix of guitars that well before. Usually I think in a thick Swedish accent, “Oh, great, theys got the grandpa’s guitars mixing ins with the electrics, this is dildos.” Fuckers showed me, didn’t they? I’m Bored, You’re Amorous brings back some of the weird dual guitar melodies I dug on the older Taking Back Sunday records, while I Just Do brings back actual story telling to lyrics, which is always a bonus.
-Jonathan Yost