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Labyrinth Soundtrack CoverWhile the 30th anniversary of the debut of everyone’s favorite codpiece arrived with an extensively remastered movie, the finishing touches on a remastered soundtrack took an extra year. But, thanks to Universal Music, you can pre-order a dead-on replica of the original vinyl soundtrack via Amazon before its release on May 12, 2017.

David Bowie’s iconic role gave us cult-favorite synthy goodness like As The World Falls Down and Underground, plus the dance-inducing Magic Dance and Chilly Down. While the sleeve is a perfect replica of the original, complete with EMI America (which became like 40 different labels before being merged with Capitol) logo & original photos of David Bowie (super mega RIP).

Beside’s Bowie’s contributions to this icon of 80’s muppety weirdness, there’s eight more tracks, all composed by the awesome Trevor Jones, who was also the mastermind behind the scores for Time Bandits and The Dark Crystal.

Any older sibling can relate to wishing goblins came and took their little sibling away, amirite? And now you can reminisce and/or continue to have those feelings while listening to the Labyrinth soundtrack on 120gm black vinyl. AND the damned thing’s only $17. Hot diggity damn.

Labyrinth track listing:


  1. Opening Titles Including Underground
  2. Into The Labyrinth
  3. Magic Dance
  4. Sarah
  5. Chilly Down
  6. Hallucination


  1. As The World Falls Down
  2. The Goblin Battle
  3. Within You
  4. Thirteen O’Clock
  5. Home At Last
  6. Underground