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Special Group Review of Suicide Squad.

Ed’s Review:
End of Summer means the last of the summer movies. Suicide Squad is the latest in the DC universe. The Dirty Dozen, only they are super villains and there isn’t 12 of them. as I write this it’s below 30 on Rotten Tomatoes. I think that critics just don’t like DC movies. I think it was a fun movie. Basic story, really bad guys show up, stop them. Very uneven, I think because they made a rated R movie then cut it down to a PG-13. There is more humor in this one than Man of Steel or Batman v Superman so at least they are learning something. Had some good characters but I guess they didn’t trust them and defaulted to Will Smith, or he just took the spotlight, not sure it matters. If you liked Deadpool you should like this but will be a little bummed that it didn’t go as far. If the last Superhero movie you saw was Superman II you will have a bad time.