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Ch-ch-chariotI was pressed for time as I was running errands and thinking I was gonna be home in time to do the interview with lead vocalist Josh from The Chariot at 2pm. As it turns out I was not gonna make it home in time so I bust out my laptop and recorder and set up in a McDonalds for the interview.  After calling Josh at 2pm, he did not answer.  Luckily he called me back 10 minutes later.  The interview was a success.

Racket Jordan: Hi, What is your name and what do you do for The Chariot?
Chariot Josh:  My name is Josh, and I sing for The Chariot.

Racket Jordan: All right, where’s the worst place you have had to sleep while on tour?
Chariot Josh:  Worst place I’ve ever had to sleep?
Racket Jordan: Yes
Chariot Josh: Umm, worst place we have ever had to sleep was at a truck stop, there was enough people sleeping in our van that we couldn’t all really sleep in the van, so we actually set out our sleeping bags, like on the road next to our van.  And it wasn’t that bad. But we were literally ON THE ROAD.

Racket Jordan: [Laughs] Do you remember what city that was in?
Chariot Josh:  No, I do know it was in the South.  Maybe Texas

Racket Jordan: Have you guys ever gotten into any physical confrontations with anybody?
Chariot Josh:  Like fights?
Racket Jordan: Yeah.
Chariot Josh:  No.  I don’t believe we have.
Racket Jordan: Pretty friendly guys?
Chariot Josh:  Yeah, I don’t think we have any beef with anybody.
Racket Jordan: That’s good. [Laughs]
Chariot Josh: I am trying to think of something cool but I don’t think there is anything.
Racket Jordan: [laughs] Oh well. It’s better to love than to hate.
Chariot Josh: Yeah, exactly.

Racket Jordan: When you’re not touring, what do you do for fun?
Chariot Josh:  I watch movies.
Racket Jordan: What’s your favorite movie?
Chariot Josh:  I don’t have a favorite but I am really liking that movie the Number 23.
Racket Jordan: Is that the one with Jim Carrey?
Chariot Josh: Yeah
Racket Jordan: I HATED that movie!
Chariot Josh: Really?
Racket Jordan: I saw it at like 1:00 in the morning and I slept through like the whole thing.
Chariot Josh: Dang, well that’s why you didn’t like it, then.
Racket Jordan: [laughs] Well I mean I watched like the beginning to the middle part and I was like this is not happening.
Chariot Josh: Dang, well I thought it was a good movie.

Racket Jordan:  What is one of the worst things a man has to do?
Chariot Josh: Hmm I don’t know.  I mean we have it pretty easy compared to women.
Racket Jordan: Yeah, well I think shaving is the worst thing a man has to do.
Chariot Josh: Shaving? Hmm, yeah well, women have to shave a lot more.
Racket Jordan: That’s true.
Chariot Josh:  And woman have to go through pregnancy . 
Racket Jordan: True that, true that!
Chariot Josh: But we get to stand peeing up and well, that is a lot of fun.
Racket Jordan: [laughs] I enjoy standing up while I pee, it is a lot of fun actually.
Chariot Josh: [laughs] Yeah it is, actually.  But yeah I can’t really think of anything other than shaving.  Wait, there is kidney stones.
Racket Jordan: Kidney stones? Yeah I have never had those.
Chariot Josh: I have never had one but I can only imagine what it feels like and the pain a man has to go through.

Racket Jordan: Yeah I agree, that actually tops shaving. Do you agree with what happened to Paris Hilton?
Chariot Josh:  I don’t really know what happened to her, she went to jail and than she got out.
Racket Jordan: Yeah, but now she is back in there for her full 45 days.
Chariot Josh: I think it’s pretty cool, I mean, I don’t really know what goes on news-wise.  And the little bit that I do know about, it’s like if she deserves it than yeah.

Racket Jordan: All right, do you ever get an urge to put on an old Linkin Park album?
Chariot Josh:  Umm, no.  I don’t think I have ever put on any Linkin park albums.
Racket Jordan: Awe, they used to be the shit back in like 3 days ago.
Chariot Josh: Uhh [laughs] I never really listened to them, but I do know the bassist pretty well, but I still, never really listened to them.
Racket Jordan: Alright, I can understand.

Racket Jordan:  Where do you think you guys will be in 10 years?
Chariot Josh:  What will I be like in 10 years?
Racket Jordan: Yeah, what do you expect to be doing in 10 years.
Chariot Josh:  Umm, I don’t know. Hopefully I will still be alive. [laughs]
Racket Jordan: [laughs]
Chariot Josh: and hopefully not passing kidney stones

Racket Jordan: [laughs] Yeah definitely don’t be doing that.
Chariot Josh: [laughs] I don’t know though, I am sure it will be something related to music somehow.  I mean I don’t know if I will be able to do then what I do now.  But yeah, deff something with music, I love it and I can’t really do anything else.

Racket Jordan: Who is your all time hero and why?
Chariot Josh:  All time hero, umm, dang, I don’t know.
Racket Jordan: You know, someone like Superman, Batman or Brittany spears?
Chariot Josh: Umm Brittany Spears is pretty cool [laughs], but when I was growing up I really liked the Incredible Hulk. But looking back on it now I don’t think he was a really great hero, cause when he would get pissed off he would turn into the Hulk and break a bunch of stuff. But when I was a kid I thought he was my favorite of all time, so yeah I’ll go with the Incredible Hulk.

Racket Jordan: Alright, Do you agree with Bob Barker’s choice to retire?chariot
Chariot Josh:  Umm, sure.
Racket Jordan: No, that’s horrible.
Chariot Josh: I don’t know anything about Bob Barker.
Racket Jordan: THE PRICE IS RIGHT?!
Chariot Josh: Yeah, I know who he is but I don’t watch much TV so I don’t know much about him.

Racket Jordan: Alright, that’s understandable, do you like playing bigger shows like Warped Tour or smaller venues like the House of Blues?
Chariot Josh: Umm, I have never done Warped Tour so I’ll let you know, but we were on Sounds of the Underground last year, but I can say I am deff a bigger fan of clubs.
Racket Jordan: Right, you feel closer to the audience that way?
Chariot Josh: Yeah, and also bigger shows its like broad daylight and this huge stage and we only get like this 15 minute set and we try to play like 4 songs as fast as you can and you don’t have time to get personal with people. But yeah I would much rather do club tours, but maybe Warped Tour’s a little different, I don’t know. But there’s nothing rock n roll about broad daylight at 1pm.

Racket Jordan: [laughs] Before joining The Chariot what job did you have?
Chariot Josh: Uhh, I have never really had a normal job, when I was in high school I started Norma Jean and I kinda just did that till joining the Chariot.  But When I was at home I would help my dad with construction stuff and I helped him for about a week but yeah, I have never really had a normal job, like I said earlier. I don’t really know anything else.

Racket Jordan: How useful do you think MySpace is?
Chariot Josh:  I don’t know man.  I think its awesome to some degree and than I think its gonna kill society as we know it.  People are becoming zombies.  Like there’s some bands who don’t even have a real website, all they have is Myspace.  And that’s cool cause you have smaller bands that can survive.  Like I said, its got its perks, but it deff has its cons.  I Personally don’t have one and I don’t know much about MySpace, but I know it exists and I know it has good things and bad things.  And there’s deff more creeps being made, too.

Racket Jordan: Ok last question, after playing your dates on warped tour, what are your guys’ plans?
Chariot Josh:  Nothing official, yet.  It’s up in the air. We might go back to Europe for the third time or we might support with someone but yeah nothing official as of yet.
Racket Jordan: All right awesome, Have a good day!
Chariot Josh: You too, thanks!


By JordanXDuh