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britneyiscrazy.jpgBack in the day (which was a Wednesday, by the way) the only way to get info on your favorite bands was through magazines or television. Thankfully for all us lazy bums, the internet has simplified the matter significantly. With sites like the infamous Twitter, Myspace, Facebook and the zillions of other similar sites, bands can instantly update thousands of their fans. Twitter is by far the most accessible of all, if you can get through all the amazingly redundant updates from Heidi.

Twitter boasts bands like Jimmy Eat World, The Raconteurs, AC/DC, and yes, even the legendary Miss Britney Spears. Willie Nelson is a frequent tweeter. No, that was not sarcasm. I had no idea that country singers knew about the invention of computers. I thought they were busy getting their hearts broken, dogs taken, and Chevy’s keyed by spiteful ex-girlfriends. Hard rockers The Used take time out of their busy schedule of tasting ink to let us in on their lives. Apparently hard criminals are accepted as well- Lil Wayne is rocking his own Twitter. And hands down, obviously the most popular of all artists on Twitter, is MC Hammer. Look out Ashton, he is a top contender to take away your “King of Twitter” status. All I have to say.

Some of the top updates on Twitter:

• The Used: So I decided that living in los angeles has made me feel like I’m becoming an asshole. I also decided that FUCK YOU.
• Bad Religion: I’m by far the least stylish person in this hotel
• John Mayer: Is now not a good time to announce that I’ve bought 300,000 tiny scissors for mosquitoes?
• Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em: Whooaa tell me why I’m sitting in my hotel suite and the walls are changing colors!! Nice!!!!
• The always brilliant Taylor Swift: <3
• Mark Hoppus of Blink-182: figured out why i’m so sick-it’s all those “puke & cry” jokes from earlier this week. try to pay homage to dinosaur jr and this what i get
• Newest singest sensation Hedi Montag: i LOVE pizza its always the best!

Out of all the above, I feel as if Heidi’s delivered the most insightful. That girl, she’s going far. Look out Bill Gates.

As for Soulja Boy, I think he’s on E.

One last little tidbit:
Mark Hoppus’ response to John Mayer’s most regrettable tattoo challenge:

–Cortney Long