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rented-world-summer-tour-326x235The Menzingers are currently on tour to promote their latest record, Rented World, and the tour made stop to Southern California this past weekend. Yours truly was able to stop by their LA show and it could have easily been the best show of the year thus far. On top of that it was a great way to officially kick off the summer season. The line up was perfect from beginning to end with each band delivering a top notch set. In fact, from the day this tour was announced I knew the going was going to be epic but even my own expectations as to how amazing the show was going to be were surpassed.

IMG_6485Starting things off for the evening was Cayetana. This run was the band’s first time playing the West Coast and my first time seeing them. I reviewed their 7″ and interviewed their lead singer in the days leading up to the tour so going into the show I had an idea as to what to expect from them. The band knocked it out of the park that night and they won over the crowd by the end of their set. Unfortunately I missed the first song of their set but other than slight mishap on my behalf everything was perfect. Who knew that punk shows could actually start on time!? I hope by the time time their full length officially drops they make their way back out here for a headlining show. Would love to see them kick ass again sooner rather than later.

IMG_6507Once Cayetana wrapped things up the explosive Canadian act, Pup, brought their frantic music to the stage. Another act I had yet to see but was familiar with, their record being a top contender for album of the year at the moment. I wasn’t sure if they could bring that chaos on recording to the stage but about 30 seconds in my query was answered. Pup is fucking nuts. I wish I was better with their lyrics so I could have gone nuts with them.

At one point my former podcast Co-Host Matt Baldwin crowdsurfed while wearing a go pro camera and thankfully was not dropped. Although he did come close a few times. I am eagerly awaiting to see the footage he recorded which is being used for a music video I hear? Hopefully that pans out and if not maybe it’ll hit youtube or something.

IMG_6524After a brief set change and a beer or two Lemuria did their thing and they truly put on one of the best sets I’ve ever seen them perform. They played a few jams from each of their records which are always the sets I prefer to be honest. That way everybody gets a little something. They actually played a few more songs from their first record than I was expecting; not that I have any complaints about that. Just somewhat surprised but I’ll take it! The first couple of songs the sound person had the level on Alex’s mic set way too low so I couldn’t even hear him and i was up in front. Other than that it was a flawless set.

IMG_6564After one final set change came the moment everyone had been waiting for, The fucking Menzingers came on. Once these fine gentlemen came out and the curtain rolled up the crowd went absolutely bonkers. Perhaps a bit too bonkers but I can live with that. My back is a different story but for such a damn good set it an deal with an excessive amount of crowd surfing. The band focused more on their last two records that night but given how phenomenal those two records I have no complaints about that. It seems that with each tour this band’s live show becomes that much more impressive. I just saw the band in February and thought that was the best I had ever seen them and here they go shattering that assessment. I mean if your band has to have a problem I suppose constantly raising the bar isn’t a bad one to have.

As the show wrapped up my drenched, beaten, and exhausted body made it’s way out of the venue. Not before purchasing the new Cayetana record of course. As it my other than my sore back the only real complaint I had was that The Menzingers didn’t play time tables. It’s been a minute since I’ve heard that one. Ah well, next time I suppose!

IMG_6559All photos courtesy of Jackie Wilding