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When I heard that a pop up bar themed after the Mos Eisley cantina from Star Wars  was in the works I knew I had to be there. I made sure I clicked the follow button on facebook, I googled for updates constantly, and asked friends if they had heard anything new for weeks on end. When they finally made the announcement that tickets were going on sale I set my calendar, giddy with anticipation knowing the wait was almost over. Come the big day I struggled to buy tickets but in the end I came out victorious. After securing tickets I then had to wait a bit longer  as they set up their reservation system. but once it was up I locked  down my date.

So I waited for my scheduled time like a child eagerly anticipating Christmas. Hell, it was a Star Wars themed pop up bar. For any nerdy adult that is better than Christmas, it’s like 10 Christmases combined.

However, come the day of I was sorely disappointed.  The bar’s aesthetic wasn’t too bad. It was way too small but it had the look more or less down. Sadly, that’s all they had going for it. The music was mostly random dance music and every once in awhile you would hear the cantina song, a remix of the cantina song or maybe the imperial march. None of the staff was dressed in  appropriate costume. Our waitress, while very nice and attentive, looked like she had an X-23 cosplay on. They had a fog machine that was more awkward than anything else.  They had nothing to make the experience feel immersive or worthwhile.

The mixed drinks weren’t bad; they did the job even if they were a little too sweet. My friends enjoyed the food they got even if it was a bit overpriced. Better overpriced and tasty than overpriced and disgusting I suppose.  I just wish that the promoters had put more effort into the experience. For the amount we paid just to get in it  we definitely did not get out money’s worth. My group didn’t even stay for our whole allotted time. We left halfway through our appointment out of sheer disappointment with our lackluster experience but at least we got a decent pint glass out of it? 

1/5 lightsabers: I would say try harder next time but I would prefer it if there wasn’t a next time.