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Tim Kasher
The Game of Monogamy
Saddle Creek Records

Tim Kasher is known for his work with Cursive, the slightly chaotic indie band full of layered instrumentation and The Good Life, which releases mellower, though just as lush, tales of the horrors of romance. Well, apparently he’s ready to drop all pretense that Tim Kasher is the mastermind behind both and releases his latest, The Game of Monogamy under his own moniker.

Filled with the same sordid tales of love and lust as The Good Life’s previous releases, Monogamy will strike a chord with anyone who has had their hearts broken while in search of the American Dream. The road to a wife, 2.5 kids and a dog is a treacherous one in this day and age, and Kasher’s melancholic musings don’t let you forget. I’d normally mention standout tracks or something like that but with the entire album linked as one story, just listen to the whole thing. Over and over and over.

-Jonathan “The Emperor” Yost