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Common Existence

A delight for those suffering from post-hardcore blues, Common Existence delivers a monitored dosage of well-paced lyrics and strategically placed screams. The tracks, although entertaining, bled together, not allowing me any time to digest what I had just heard. The album resembles a run-on sentence, and pulls its own weight, with heavy sounds that come barreling through from time to time.

However, I award key props to the Jersey boys for staying on track, by not overwhelming us with progressive tech standards and electronic inducers. I must admit that Geoff Rickly‘s vocals are close to perfect, complimenting impressive harmonies and clean riffs. In truth, no one expected a decent fifth album from the band, a common tendency of shifting labels. I think they’re playing it safe. Great thanks to Epitaph for allowing Thursday to continue their evolution of post-core music.

-Anastasia Kortova