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Sublime With Rome
Yours Truly
Fueled By Ramen

So, the first new Sublime album since Brad Nowell’s untimely death is… fucking good. While I hate, HATE, that it’s called “Sublime with Rome” versus, you know, a new fucking name, I can’t stop myself from humming along to this shit. Seriously. It’s not “Journey with that Filipino dude,” or “Guns N Roses W/O Slash.” I know that they were hampered by a lawsuit involving the name, but pick something new, guys. While obviously lacking any references to Louie Dog, Sublime with Rome is one of the few bands who have competently pulled off a new lead singer. Rome Ramirez may never live up to the legend of Nowell, but he sure can sing like him.

You know what, so far I can’t think of anything negative to say that isn’t bitching about the name or the weirdness of listening to the new Sublime album. I mean, just writing that is weird. That aside, the album does pick up where the last album left off… 15 years ago. Jesus.

Yours Truly isn’t a regurgitation of previous Sublime albums, however. It shows the mellowing of original members Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson while having the youthful energy of a guy who is about half the age of them.

You know what, I know it’s a big deal to have a new Sublime record, and I’m sure that a lot of reviews will tear it apart for defiling an institution or blah blah blah, but I’m going to go play this shit again, hang with my cat and fucking relax.

-Jonathan “The Emperor” Yost