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Where to Swim
Parks and Records

If you have been looking for music perfect for a rainy day or that week where depression suddenly strikes, then look no further- I give you CarCrashLander. Where to Swim is the newest addition to the CarCrashLander catalogue, and is unquestionably one of the mellowest albums I’ve heard in a long time. The vocals of lead Cory Grey rarely rise above a whisper, but they provide a perfect ambiance for the album through and through. These hushed vocals team up with Grey’s organ, laying down the undertones for the majority of the album. The rest of the band quietly playing in the foreground and background and only getting loud when necessary presents a perfect formula for Where to Swim.

Songs like opener “Landmines” set the course for the entire album with catchy hooks and memorable melodies that will be stuck in your head for weeks. When CarCrashLander does finally decide to turn up the volume and quicken the pace it is well-timed. The track “Boatful Of Buckeyes” displays this skill, when it’s the guitarists’ turn to show off a bit with a face-melting solo at the end.

However, certain songs in this album feel a little out of place; tracks like “Overgrown” and “Rosie” seem more akin to some fusion between indie, Spanish Polka, and gypsy, but I most certainly am not complaining. These tracks provide a pleasant aside from the usual mellowness of the rest of the album. With flutes and a horn floating in and out, these tracks do a great job in displaying the musicianship and adaptability of CarCrashLander.

For a price tag under $10, Where to Swim is undeniably a purchase worth making.

–Austin Love