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Fishing Blues
Rhymesayers Entertainment

The world’s most relatable rapper has once again teamed up with the world’s least produced producer to bring forth an album that is simultaneously thoughtful, thoughtless, and fucking hilarious. Slug once again eschews rap clichés to highlight himself not as a Maserati-driving, honey-banging millionaire, but as a dude who just wants to bang his girl, do what he loves, oh, and never, ever be forgotten.

Flowing seamlessly between tracks about drunkenly jerking off because his wife’s asleep to the institutional racism/facism inherent in law enforcement, Slug shows off his acute understanding that one can be socially aware at the same time acknowledging their own base instincts, habits, and even addictions. The track “Perfect” is the epitome of this self-awareness, as Slug slaloms “I’m a feminist, I’m also a misogynist.”

Accompanying Slug’s dives into introspection are Ant’s production, somehow bringing Slug’s deeply heavy words into an immersive atmosphere. These aren’t overproduced club bangers, these are journeys into emotion, whether that be love, loss, fear, or even hope. Hell, there’s entire songs devoid of kick drums, dick-punching bass lines, or even auto-tune bullshit.

Humans are contradictory by nature, and Fishing Blues is a salute to that. Or a middle finger. Who knows?