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lurkfest.jpgToy Machine is the shit, yes, we have acknowledged this. However, what to do with the dreaded tour video? Remember Label Live? What…no? Of course you don’t, and there’s a reason for this – tour videos suck. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t much into Berzerker either. With that said, I was surprised to find that I kind of…well…liked Lurk-Fest. Granted, there was some good street skating at the end but I don’t think that’s why. I’m going to chalk this one up to Kevin Barnett (Toy film/edit overlord). The video has “feel.” There’s an oxymoron for you – a tour video with feel. No kidding though, this video has feel. A good skate video will always have cohesion. This is where Barnett scored – Lurk-Fest is a Toy Machine video through and through. Whether it was the word bubbles or the grainy shots a la Good & Evil, I dug this one. Well done gents.

-Wesley Miller